Beavers Benefit Salmon Populations

One would expect that beaver dams create more harm than good for fish populations, as they block certain species from swimming upstream and therefore reduce the availability of suitable spawning habitat. However, according to a new study by the University of Southampton, reintroduced European beavers could have an overall positive impact on Scottish wild salmon populations. Funded by Scottish Natural Heritage, a study was conducted to analyze the relationship between beavers and salmon populations due to underlying economical concerns that beavers can harm fish stocks by obstructing migration. But after surveying 49 fisheries managers, scientists, and beaver ecology experts from Europe and North America, more than half of those who responded believe that the overall impact of beavers on fish populations is beneficial.

Facing Environmental Issues on the US, Mexico Border

From reducing mobile source emissions, to connecting households to drinking water and wastewater services, to clean-up efforts of streams and canals, the United States and Mexico have made a joint effort to protect both human health and the environment in their shared 2,000 mile border region. The bi-national entities along with various stakeholders created the Border 2012 agreement to help identify and control environmental concerns and public health challenges. As the agreement expires this year, a new Border 2020 agreement was renewed and signed today by US EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson and Mexico’s Secretary for the Environment and Natural Resources Juan Elvira Quesada.