Reflections on Copenhagen: The Economics of Green

Last year’s disappointing climate summit in Copenhagen demonstrated if not proved two important things about “saving the earth”:

1. Sustainability is a very emotional topic for some
2. Sustainability is a financial topic for most

Unfortunately, what transpired in Copenhagen is probably the rule, rather than the exception. It was disheartening to realize the events probably represent and reflect the domestic and world population’s perspective on saving the environment.

Perhaps due to decades of protesting, a wide array of real or perceived injustices, unruly public demonstrations have for the most part become unproductive. Even the nightly news has lost interest in well meaning protesters being hauled away by force. I recall the first time I saw an eco activist chained to a tree in the seventies, and thinking “how cool is that.” It did not matter what the cause was, I really admired the commitment.

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