ENN User Survey is Running Now

ENN is looking at ways we can improve our website to better serve you. Please take 5 minutes to complete a user survey to help us. The results of our user survey will help us see which parts of our current site are most valuable to you, and which ones you may find less useful.
Going forward, we will keep what is working, and make some changes to incorporate new elements that people want.
We appreciate that your time is very valuable, and are giving away an Apple iPad as a thank you to one lucky person who completes the survey. The lucky winner can use the iPad to check the news on ENN from any wi-Fi hotspot. It may also be useful for other tasks.

The survey will run for a month, and the winner will be announced after the end of the survey period.
To participate in the survey and to enter the iPad drawing, visit this link: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/ENN

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