ENN teams with BBC Earth

You have likely seen some of the incredible productions from BBC Earth. They are in the forefront globally in capturing images and video that make us think, and marvel at the incredible beauty of nature, and gain new or increased understanding of the natural world we live in. It turns out that the BBC Earth team likes ENN.com too! So ENN will be carrying BBC Earth news with links to their images and video. We hope you enjoy it!
BBC Earth wants to know what you want to know!
 Click on the link to get the once in a lifetime opportunity to ask experts from the BBC’s Natural History Unit anything you want to know about nature, wildlife or putting together a BBC Earth show. 
BBC Earth will take your questions to Bristol, England, where they’ll ask them to big name members of the BBC’s Natural History Unit. These are some of the world’s most recognized natural history, wildlife film and photography experts.

So if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to watch a lizard run on water, to feel the force of a sandstorm, to get the perfect shot or anything else, come and tell us what you want to know!

To participate, go to: http://bit.ly/bbcearthlifeis

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