Earth Day 2011 – for individuals, AND for businesses!

Throughout its 40 plus year history Earth Day has been a rallying point for millions of personal acts intended to help save the environment.

It has sparked rallies and marches, demonstrations and parades, contests and car washes, and with the aid of the Internet and social media tools it has become a global moment in time to signal the importance of living more sustainably.

Earth Day street and stream clean ups, recycling drives, letter writing campaigns and similar calls to reduce, reuse, and recycle have shaped the minds of two generations of eco-conscious youth on the importance of protecting our natural environment.

And of course, it has sparked endless political speeches with buttons, banners and policy oriented statements. Even businesses have been involved, not only through sponsorships of this annual celebration, but also by cutting wastage, lowering the energy use, and changing the way they operate to become more ecologically balanced.

This year’s theme for Earth Day 2011 is “A Billion Acts of Green: Personal, organizational and corporate pledges to live and act sustainably”.

Like its more recent companion Earth Hour, Earth Day has shown that for one brief moment, we can come together in common cause to make a difference, to show that change is indeed possible.

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