Author: University of Regina

  • Stopping the next wave of invasive species in Saskatchewan lakes

    Invasive species continue to be a critical threat to freshwater ecosystems in Saskatchewan and across North America.But the species that have yet to enter Saskatchewan waters might be of greatest concern.

  • New climate change tool will help keep Canadians safe

    Researchers at the University of Regina have recently launched a new climate change tool designed to help project future climate changes.The tool, called the Canada Climate Change Data Portal (CCCDP), was developed by researchers in the University of Regina’s Institute for Energy Environment and Sustainable Communities (IEESC).

  • Agricultural research looks at dugouts as absorbing carbon dioxide

    Three researchers at the University of Regina have been awarded a provincial research grant to study the role of agricultural dugouts in greenhouse gas capture.Dr. Kerri Finlay, Dr. Peter Leavitt, Dr. Gavin Simpson of the biology department, along with Dr. Helen Baulch of the University of Saskatchewan, were recently awarded $255,030 from the Saskatchewan Ministry…