Author: University of California – Santa Barbara

  • In Harm's Way

    How safe is the water you drink? For the 45 million Americans who get their drinking water from private groundwater wells rather than a public utility, the answer is decidedly murky. The Environmental Protection Agency regulations that protect public drinking water systems don’t apply to privately owned wells, leaving owners responsible for ensuring their water…

  • Planning for the Future

    Over the past decade, increasing temperatures across much of Africa and decreasing rainfall across East Africa have come to represent an alarming climate trend. Chief among concerns is the impact such conditions have on human health.

  • A Dolphin Diet

    The health of dolphin populations worldwide depends on sustained access to robust food sources.A new report by UC Santa Barbara researchers and colleagues at UC San Diego and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration looks at three different dolphin species, studying what they eat and how they divide ocean resources and space — important information…

  • The Coast Is Not So Clear

    For nearly a century, the O’Shaughnessy seawall has held back the sand and seas of San Francisco’s Ocean Beach. At work even longer: the Galveston seawall, built after America’s deadliest hurricane in 1900 killed thousands in Texas.

  • Decoding Ocean Signals

    Geographer Tim DeVries and colleagues determine why the ocean has absorbed more carbon over the past decade.