Author: UN News Centre

  • Hurricane Irma Erased 'Footprints of an Entire Civilization' on Barbuda, Prime Minister Tells UN

    The Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Gaston Alphonso Browne, told the United Nations General Assembly today that after the largest storm ever in the Atlantic Ocean, “the island of Barbuda is decimated; its entire population left homeless; and its buildings reduced to empty shells.”

  • El NiƱo forecast to be extremely strong this year

    The ongoing El Niño weather pattern in the Asia and Pacific is likely to be one of the strongest since 1998 and will continue into early 2016, according to a new United Nations advisory, which urges regional cooperation for early warning, in-season mitigation, and long-term adaptation strategies to curb climate risk.“The impact of the 2015-2016…

  • Global warming continuing

    Earth has just had the hottest January-September on record, the United Nations World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said today, adding that the average air and sea temperatures in September logged the greatest rise above monthly average in the 136-year historical record.According to a press release from WMO, the Global Climate Report from the United States National Oceanic and…