Author: The Ecologist

  • Carbon Dioxide Threat To Mussels' Shells

    The world's mussel population could be under threat as rising CO2 levels in atmosphere and oceans makes their shells weaker and more brittle shells – making them more vulnerable to stormy seas, and predation.

  • Fungi Clean Contaminated Soil

    A new system for cleaning soils contaminated with industrial toxins harnesses the power of White rot – a common fungus that decays fallen wood in forests. Research in Finland shows it can also destroy dioxins and poly-aromatic hydrocarbons.

  • L’Oreal moves against forest destruction

    L’Oreal, the world’s largest beauty and cosmetics company, has committed to remove forest destruction from its products by 2020. Top brands like Garnier, Diesel, Lancome, Giorgio Armani and Yves St Laurent will no longer be contribute to forest destruction following this promise by the world’s biggest beauty products company.