NCDC: August 2012 Was a Warm One

The latest update from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association's National Climatic Data Center states that August 2012 was one of the warmest months on record.

Organic Farming May Not Be As Beneficial As It Seems

Contrary to popular belief, organic farming may not necessarily be better for the environment.

Environmental Challenge on the Field in Los Angeles

An environmental activism group has instigated the first legal challenge of the proposed National Football League stadium in Los Angeles, California. Activists state that a brand new California state law that was put in effect to aid developers is unconstitutional.

New Discovery Linked To Climate Change and Human Health

A new atmospheric compound, a type of carbonyl oxide, is connected to both climate change and human health issues. According to researchers at both the University of Colorado Boulder and the University of Helsinki, this novel chemical combination in the Earth’s atmosphere has been tested to play a significant role in the field of climate and health.

Study Shows Coral Will Survive Warming Climate

A new study has increased hope that some coral species will be able to survive gradual ocean acidification. According to new research published in the journal, Nature Climate Change, a team of international scientists have identified a specific internal mechanism that could permit some coral species and their symbiotic algae to offset the unfavorable effects of an acidic ocean. In addition, this research has given hope that coral reefs will also be able to survive rising levels of ocean acidification.

Nanotechnology Safety Strategies Need Improvement

According to a report released by the National Research Council (NRC), human and environmental safeties of nanomaterials remain uncertain despite the spending of billions of dollars in nanotechnology research and development over the past ten years.