Author: Jessica Marshall, Discovery News

  • Bird Feeders Can Skew Breeding Behaviors

    As temperatures dip low in the Northern Hemisphere’s deep midwinter, many birds are no doubt feasting on the seeds and suet hanging outside many of our homes. More than 40 percent of U.S. households and nearly 50 percent of U.K. households feed birds, according to estimates.

  • Organic Milk More Nutritious?

    Organic milk has more beneficial fats than conventional milk, at least in the United Kingdom, says a new study. Whether these differences are nutritionally significant is less clear. Surveys of U.S. milk have yielded different results, though they also show differences between organic and conventional milk.

  • Wheat Poised to Weather Climate Change

    With climate change predicted to alter precipitation and raise temperatures in North American grain-growing regions by 3 to 4 degrees Celsius (about 5 to 7 degrees Fahrenheit) by the end of the century, crops in the future will face dramatically different growing conditions than they do today. But a new study shows that over the…

  • Reflective Crops Could Cool the Planet

    Planting more reflective versions of crops could cool regional temperatures in summertime, reducing the impact of increasing global temperatures in these areas, according to ongoing research. Increasing the reflectivity of crop plants by 20 percent could decrease temperatures in a given area by about one degree Celsius (1.8 degrees Fahrenheit), said Joy Singarayer of the…