Author: International Union of Immunological Societies, via EurekAlert.

  • Ebola – vaccines under development show promise

    Not everyone who contracts the Ebola virus dies, the survival rate is around 30% suggesting that some kind of immunity to the disease is possible. Experimental treatments and vaccines against Ebola exist but have not yet been tested in large groups for safety and efficacy (phase 2 trials). The International Union of Immunology Societies (IUIS) published a statement today in its official journal, Frontiers in Immunology calling for urgent and adequate funding of vaccine candidates in clinical trials and speedy implementation of immunisation in African countries.

  • The Secret of Turtle Island

    In the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Libya, there’s an area local fishermen call “Turtle Island.” It’s real enough, but you’d be foolish to try to sail there. The island is never in precisely the same place, and it changes size from one minute to the next. In fact, you never know when its gleaming shore might disappear altogether, because it’s made up entirely of the half-exposed shells of basking loggerhead sea turtles.