Author: Editor, ENN and Noppen

  • 2nd Annual China Solar Energy Technology and Investment Congress 16-17 September 2010, Kunming, China

    Due to declining international feed-in tariff rates and increased local incentives, China has begun transitioning from exporting a majority of its finished solar products to installing them locally. With the fast development of the global economy, energy sustainability has become increasingly prominent and as a clean, safe and economical energy source, solar power is attracting more attention from the international community. With abundant solar resources, Kunming is located in the Central Yunnan – Guizhou Plateau. In recent years, the solar PV industry is one of the key new hi-tech industries being supported by the Kunming Municipality in order to develop Kunming into a key solar energy industrial base in China. Following the success of Noppen’s first solar energy event held in Inner Mongolia, the 2nd Annual China Solar Energy Technology and Investment Congress was held on 16-17 September 2010 in Kunming, China. In co-organization with the Kunming Municipal Government and supported by EUROSOLAR Turkey and the American General Business Association the event was attended by over 120 government officials, experts and scholars, senior executives, and professionals who gather together to discuss how to capitalize on current changes while clarifying new governmental support policies, technical advances in PV production/installation as well as providing a detailed overview of project developments across China.