Author: ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies

  • The window for saving the world's coral reefs is rapidly closing

    The world’s reefs are under siege from global warming, according to a novel study published today in the prestigious journal Science.

  • Can corals survive climate change?

    A group of international scientists, including scientists from Australia, have issued advice that more research is urgently required to determine whether corals can acclimatise* and adapt to the rapid pace of climate change.

  • Are fish the greatest athletes?

    When you think of the world’s greatest athletes, names like Usain Bolt generally spring to mind, but scientists have discovered the best athletes could well be found in the water, covered in scales.It turns out that fish are far more effective at delivering oxygen throughout their body than almost any other animal, giving them the athletic…

  • What ecosystem is most at threat from human impact?

    An international team of scientists has used the 23-million-year fossil record to calculate which marine animals and ecosystems are most at risk of extinction today. In a paper published in the journal Science, the researchers found those animals and ecosystems most threatened are predominantly in the tropics.